CHIA PODSIf there’s anything trending more than specialty coffee right now, it is undoubtedly chia seeds. The omega-3 abundant health food is turning up everywhere lately. I guess it was past due that somebody try to blend it with mother nature’s other obsession, coffee. Luckily, Chia Pod and Intelligentsia have actually focused on this niche, and they were nice enough to send us a specimen for our thoughts. My initial thought is that the Chia Pod looks like a dessert! Regardless, it still smells very similar if not identical to coffee. I take a piece and am amazed with the coffee flavor. The chia seeds are bordered by these type of globules that are just like you get in some puddings. I actually like the mouth-feel of the chia blobs. Five munches in and I’ve decided the coffee flavor is really pleasant, plus the chia seed aftertaste is helping too. If you’re trying to get some more caffeine together with omega-3 fats in your diet, then Chia Pods are for you.