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Lighter Roasts

Lightly roast coffee beans go through overall lower temperatures in the roaster. They have soaked up less energy which allows them to keep more of their acids as well as their fragrance. As a result, they have increased levels of acidity and fragrance to them. Lighter roasts typically have much less physical body and are typically less sweet, although a few are very sweet and full-bodied.

Medium Roasts

These coffee beans rest somewhere between the Darker and Lighter roasts. There are numerous shades of Coffee roasts in this category, but they are typically milder versions of either darker and lighter roasts. Many of the roasters in use today focus on the medium roast as it is good for both espressos and filter coffees.

Darker Roasts

Darker roasted coffee beans go through greater levels of heat in the roaster. Consequently, they tend to have very little levels of acidity and as a consequence might taste unplesant. But sometimes, in experienced hands, they can be made to be very tasty. Typically, darkly roasted coffee beans produce coffee that has more body and a sweeter taste.


A Few Good Tamps

A woodchopper requires an axe, a cook requires a skewer, and so a barista needs a good tamper. Australian coffee celebrity Matt Perger developed Pergtamp to optimize extraction by raising the contact area of a traditional tamper by around square centimeters. That little refinement can have a substantial bearing on taste. The Pergtamp is available in the US through Heart Roasters.


Sonya Devon in Da House

Some of the best aspects of tussling in barista contests is not the minute of fame that winners experience or even the free boodle that comes with the territory, it is actually the relationships tht you make with various other dedicated coffee-heads. We were excited to discover one of our barista buddies, who recently took an interesting brand-new job with Brooklyn’s Variety Coffee Roasters, graced our premises. A big shout out to Sonya Devon who was gracious enough to chat extensively with us about working with a brand-new roaster, competing in barista contests, as well as what’s it like to work at the best place NYC for coffee.


Don’s DIY

A big thank you to Don Dexter for doing some DIY work in the shop recently. Don is the ultimate handyman, having once had a national Chicago-founded hardware company that has since fallen on harder times. Since then Don has come into the 21st century with his (relatively) new power tools business DIY High where he is currently marketing air compressors and other air tools from the original enterprise. Don hopes to expand his new endeavour to include other power tools and DIY equipment, so don’t be shy to approach Don if you need specialist equipment other than his current lineup of air compressors and accessories. On the side, Don alos advises on DIY projects and indulges in handyman jobs around Bronzeville (so if anyone needs a true handyman, he is always looking for the extra business, so he says :)). Don is a regular patron of the shop who always goes for the Caffè Americano in true patriotic style!